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Family Health International (FHI 360) is an implementing partner under USAID/Azerbaijan 6-year Empowering Civil Society Organizations for Transparency (ECSOFT) Activity. ECSOFT’s goal is to support Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and Azerbaijani government institutions to enhance the capacity and sustainability of CSOs to increase transparency and accountability of public agencies.

FHI 360 is seeking a part-time consultant Service Contract Manager to assist with its ECSOFT project in Azerbaijan.

The consultant will be responsible for:

· Reviewing service contracts or consultancy proposals for advocacy initiatives and budgets.

· Meeting with approved applicants to discuss and revise proposals, budgets, and M&E plans.

· Drafting service contracts or consultant agreements and relevant sections of selection memos, compiling all required pre-award documents for service contract/consultancy packages.

· Monitoring subcontractors/consultants to ensure they are compliant with USAID requirements, reviewing deliverables, and processing subcontractor/consultant payment requests in coordination with the FHI 360 team.

· Assessing the advocacy capacity of civil society organizations and working with them to develop institutional strengthening plans.

· Organizing and facilitating advocacy capacity development trainings, providing mentorship and coaching, and advocacy skills workshops for CSOs in Azerbaijan.



· Familiarity with USAID rules and regulations regarding consultancy and subaward management

· Experience managing the solicitation, evaluation, and contracting processes under USAID-funded projects

· Experience assessing the advocacy capacity of civil society organizations and developing improvement plans

· Experience training or mentoring civil society organizations to improve their understanding of advocacy and implementation of advocacy action campaigns

· Strong written and verbal communication skills, including the ability to address public gatherings and USAID audiences confidently and persuasively

· Sensitivity to cultural diversity and understanding of the political, contextual, and ethical issues in Azerbaijan

· Ability to read, write, and speak fluent English


The applicant shall email a cover letter and current resume/CV with three references and expected daily rate in English to Keith Aulick at [email protected] and copy Alby Delgado at [email protected] Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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