Installation Lead / RSES
Anotech Energy Baku Oil and Gas / Chemistry Industry
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The job holder shall:
Supervise and coordinates the preparation of the vessel operations:
- Prior to Barge/Vessel mobilization, assist Platform Project Team onshore for documentation review and preparation
(procedures, drawings, SIMOPS/COMOPS dossier, etc);
- Verify consistency and completeness of vessel compliance dossier and implantation of all corrective measures;
- Review and validate offshore ITPs;
- Supervise vessel trials and pre‐operation tests and specific vessel preparation.
- Verify completeness of the vessel mobilization;
- Verify readiness of the vessel and the equipment before staring any operations;
- Assist shore base to establish the COMPANY personnel rotation plan to cover the vessel campaign, as required;
- Participates to Hazid/Hira/JSA for activities involving the Barge/Vessel, as required;
- Verify completeness and consistency of the dossier of all deliverables/documents/procedures applicable and required for
the job.
- Verify completeness and consistency of all SIMOPS/COMOPS required for dedicated operations and coordinate with field
ops for any SIMOPS/COMOPS purpose.
The job holder shall:
Monitor the operations executed by CONTRACTOR with the dedicated vessel:
- Raise Offshore Contractual CERTIFICATES (such as Ready For Installation Certificate) prior and after offshore operations;
- COMPANY focal point for day to day activity on board the installation vessel. Attend and report outcomes of daily vessel
operations meeting held with CONTRACTOR;
- Coordination of the work of the COMPANY team on board (CPY Night Rep., Welding/NDT/Coating Inspectors,
Structure/PVV/E&I Supervisors and any other specialists that may be required for the SOW)
- Ensure that safety remains the main priority at all times by checking that Contractor HSE practices are acceptable, that
proper measures and procedures are being implemented by everyone concerned, and that all risks are evaluated and
planned for by the Contractor
- Monitor that the work is performed in accordance with industry best practices and project specifications
- Identify deficiencies and develop solutions to assist Contractor to achieve the objectives of the project
- Check that the planning schedule is adhered to and report on any major deviations from it to the Construction Lead,
suggesting solutions
- Identify critical activities and potential bottlenecks for the progress of the works
- Establish and maintain effective working relations with Contractor to ensure that Company objectives are met
- Ensure that all technical, contractual and cost information is properly recorded, collated and available for
- Record facts related to potential or issued CORs
- Monitor that the Contractor’s equipment, personnel and other resources are sufficient and mobilised and demobilised in
good time
- Monitor the management of material supplied by the contractor for the works
- Monitor progress of the works and report to the Construction Lead daily
- Prepare or help to prepare reports for company as required
- Supervise COMPANY personnel rotation plan to cover the vessel campaign and coordinate COMPANY personnel transfers
- Is COMPANY focal point in case of an emergency on board the vessel and ensures proper implementation of the
emergency response procedures as required
- Ensure operations are carried out in strict accordance with the Contract requirements and approved procedures
- Verify, validate and report any stand‐by including weather stand‐by
- Manage and coordinate MWS services activities on‐board vessel
- Prepare comprehensive and complete Hand‐over for his back to back


Evidence at least 20 years’ experience in oil and gas offshore installation, including but not limited to :
- at least 10 years’ experience in a management role in oil and gas offshore installation
- at least 10 years’ experience in the context of large offshore oil and gas international projects
- Familiar and proven experience (minimum of 5 years) with RSES roles on similar positions
- Good understanding of the contractual relationships involved
- Good knowledge of COMPANY General Specifications (GS) referential and International codes/standards related to
offshore installation
- Fluency in English (speaking and writing)

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