Company Diving Representative
Anotech Energy Baku Oil and Gas / Chemistry Industry
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Within the framework of international, local regulations and COMPANY rules, the service holder is responsible for the review, acceptance and supervison of all the diving activities associated to the URF Package installation scope.

The service holder has to ensure that COMPANY HSSE standards are applied throughout the various phases of the project, for all Diving activities performed in Country.

During engineering/manufacturing/preparatory phase:

· To follow the preparation fo air diving activities, including revision and technical approval of all related procedures;

· To inspect, audit and approve air diving spread;

· To verify and confirm suitability of the diving marine spread (DP3 Vessel);

· To follow the mobilisation of the diving marine spread;

· To coordinate and follow the MWS for all subjects dealing with diving as required;

· Promote HSE values and ensure compliancy with HSEQ management system;

· To liaise with HQ (LSO/UWO) as required.

During offshore installation phase:

· Company Diving Representative on board the Vessel

The service holder has to ensure that COMPANY HSSE standards are applied throughout the various phases of the project, for all Diving activities performed in Country.

The serviced holder is responsible to ensure that all the interfaces with the other entities are properly defined and managed before and during the execution of the URF offshore activities, and particularly with regard to Company E&P technical referential (coordination with LSO/UWO)

The serviced holder is responsible for the daily reporting to the URF Construction Lead and other relevant members of the Project Management Team in relation with Diving matters, in addition to diving operations start notification to LSO/UWO (to whom a feedback report has to be provided at the end of the mission).

The service holder may also be required to assist other Company stakeholders (the TEPAb Affiliate, the Absheron Platform package and Field Operations) with regards to the above activities in connection with the offshore installation of the new receiving facilities.

During engineering/manufacturing/preparatory phase:

· To review the diving marine spread documentation, identify trials required to be performed before the installation campaign, review the trial procedure and attend the trials:

· To inspect the diving marine spread, ensuring that all relevant certifications and IMCA DESIGN of the diving system are in date and that close-out from audits, if any, have been carried out;

· To ensure that any close-out actions from the CTR qualification audit by LSO/UWO have been carried out;

· To liaise with COMPANY Corporate technical specialists to gather comments to Vessel inspection, resolve technical queries and implement COMPANY’s referential;

· To review in detail mobilisation plan of the diving marine spread and associated equipment;

· To review in details all diving documentation and the associated HSE diving plan manuals, emergency response plan, bridging documents;

· To coordinate and follow the review of the diving documentation by the MWS, the inspection of the DSV and their attendance to the HAZID/HIRA;

· Ensure compliance with Project HSE Objectives and implement the Project HSEQ Management System (plans, procedures and specifications)

· To participate to HAZID, HIRA, Risk Assessment, as required;

· Report Anomalies or Situations at Risk and encourage positive initiative to HSE;

· To identify interfering activities issues (COMOPS/SIMOPS), to liaise with other URF Team members, participate to development of solutions and follow the validation of the COMOPS/SIMOPS dossier;

· To assist the Construction Lead, Marine Superintendent and Mobilization Project Engineer as required for SIT, SWT, equipment load out and sail away;

During installation phase COMPANY Diving Representative on board the Vessel (DP3 Support Construction Vessel “Gurban Abasov”):

· To ensure that all diving personnel are holding IMCA recognized certificates and their medical exam and logbook are up to date;

· To monitor and participate planning all necessary diving accident related drills to be carried out during the operation;

· To liaise with and report to CPY RSES-D and other CPY Representatives on board;

· To audit, monitor and follow up all PTW related to diving activities;


· IMCA certified for Air and /orSat diving (Supervisor);

· Diving systems auditing and assurance training course certificate;

· Client worksite representative training course certificate (in accordance with IOGP Guidelines);

· At least 10 years of technical and operational experience and knowledge on similar offshore projects within discipline with an extended capability of application;

· Specific knowledge of Total specifications (GS EP LSO 410) and requirements;

· Fully conversant with the IMCA Diving/ROV guidance’s (including AODC,DMAC guidance’s and IMCA info notes), IOGP Report#411, IOGP Report # 431;

· Previous experience within TOTAL project as Company Diving Representative, preferably also RSES/RSES-D;

· Knowledge and understanding of TOTAL E&P Ethos;

· Skills and experience of management of contractor or subcontractor in complex multicultural and multi site context;

· Proven ability in the knowledge and understanding of planning / schedules, forecasting and risk management;

· Extended capability in developing working relationships through effective communication;

· Fluent English (written and spoken) mandatory, Russian and Azerbaijani would be a plus;

· OGUK Offshore Medical Certificate & BOSIET, STCW would be a plus.

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