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Job description

Newly-opened "FEMINA" LLC is currently seeking employees for the "Translator" vacancy. Our office is located in Sumgayit city. The job is half-distant and you can manage your translation from your residency. Under Sumgait Notary Office No 1, we are about to launch new "Translation Center". Our main object is to provide perfect service to our clients and meet the expectations of our translators. Therefore, highly-competitive and bearing good educational background will be prefered during selection process. We understand that the applicants may not possess experience, and this fact should not refrain YOU from applying. We are looking forward to look through your precious CVs and select our kind team for the job.



Job duties:

* Translates documents into foreign languages (english, russian, german, french, spanish, dutch, italian, arabic, persian, turkish, chinese, japanese, korean, etc.) accurately and, meeting deadlines and quality standards.

* Consults with other members of the team that are working or have worked on related documents to be translated.

* According to agreement, once a week spending time at Office

Job Requirements:

* University undergraduate (Bachelor of Arts) and qualified translators (any language is welcomed)

* Proven translation and editing skills.

* Good communication and organizational skills.

* Able to work independently and proactively, and to meet deadlines.

Interested applicants, please, send your CVs to, or you can call 050 851 43 96 (Ramil Abdullayev, person-in-charge)

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Əlavə edilib: 01-11-2018
Əmək haqqı: 400 - 600 azn  
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