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Anotech Energy Azerbaijan Baku Oil and Gas / Chemistry Industry
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As local deputy, reports to Regional Diving Manager. Assist in the evaluation of the elements corresponding to the future project(s) to be supported. Assist in the implementation plans, work plans, budgets and associated schedules. Assist in launches and analyzes of tenders, final negotiations, and presentations of the awarding of contracts. Prepare and supervise with the local entities concerned the orders and the corresponding contracts. Ensure the technical management of the contracts and/or framework contracts with local subcontractors Participate in meetings with local authorities, client, and partners. Perform the reporting and keep the project documentation up to date. Adapt human resources to the needs of operations. Control engineering studies, technical specifications.

Advocate technical solutions to problems encountered and anticipate difficulties. Define the organization of work according to the identified needs. Manage logistics aspect regarding diving activities and appropriate means to be implemented. Manage human resources aspect according to projects, dive technicians Manage interfaces with various entities of the Subsidiary, (Contracts, Engineering, Operations and HSE). 


Knowledge of Group Diving Management System.

Knowledge of IMCA, IOGP and other relevant contractual and current industry guidance and proven practice associated with diving operations. Familiar with projects, Client, Diving subontractor, Emergency Response and other project related documentation.

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